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2007 License prices. Call ahead for nonresident licenses

CT Resident fishing - $20
CT Resident fishing and hunting - $28
CT Resident hunting - $14

Nonresident fishing - $40
Nonresident 3 day fishing - $16
Nonresident hunting and fishing $80


Poaching hotline. Don't forget to program this in your cell phone
USE IT!... 1-800-842-4357

Inland Fisheries Division
860-424 FISH (3474)

Marine Fisheries Division

Volunteer Angler Survey (VAS)
The Marine Fisheries Division, is seeking marine recreational anglers who will volunteer to participate in the Connecticut Volunteer Angler Survey (VAS) Program. The VAS Program is designed to collect fishing trip and catch information from avid marine recreational (hook and line) anglers who volunteer to record their angling activities via a logbook. VAS anglers contribute valuable fisheries-specific information concerning striped bass, fluke, bluefish, and other important finfish species used in monitoring and assessing fish populations inhabiting Connecticut marine waters. The survey logbook is easy to fill out. Each participating angler is assigned a personal code number for confidentiality and recording instructions are provided on the inside cover of the logbook. Upon completion, simply tape the pre-postage paid logbook, shut and drop it off in the mail. Anglers that send in logbooks are rewarded with a VAS fishing hat and updated results of the program. After all the logbooks are computer entered and error checked, the logbooks are returned to each participant for their own records.

Interested in participating in the survey?

Please contact: Rod MacLeod at (860) 434-6043 or at
State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection,
Marine Fisheries Office,
P.O. Box 719 Old Lyme, CT 06371


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Reports and message boards

CT ..... Beyond addicted, JUST PLAIN SICK

Connecticut Fishing Reports

Stripers Online

Up to Date Migratory Fish counts in the Connecticut River

Connecticut River Facts and History


Rhode Island

Connecticut River

Weather and water conditions

Long Island Sound water temps

Real Time Data for Stream flow

Northeast River Forecast Center

NOAA Weather Forecast for Long Island Sound

Boater's Box

My Sound 

Northeast Radar Loop

Connecticut DEP links

Connecticut Coastal Access Guide -  A must see for the shore fisherman

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection 

Connecticut Boater's Guide

2007 Angler's Guide 

2007 Hunting and Trapping Guide

Connecticut Aquatic Resources Education

Marine Volunteer Angler Survey Program

Connecticut Bass Management areas

Connecticut Trout Management areas 

Trout Parks

Where to Fish?


Connecticut Conservation Officers Association

Clean Sound

Connecticut Surfcasters

Connecticut Fly Fisherman's Assoc. 

Hartford Gun Club

Outfitters Association of America 

Riverfront Recapture

A Sporting Chance Youth Program



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